A History of the Rice Lake Indians by Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson


In the words of Mary Jane Simpson

I would like to express my thanks to the Rev. John Delaney of Lakefield, to the Rev. George Dorey D.D. of Toronto, and to Mr. A. E. St. Louis of Ottawa, and to other older people who have helped with this history.

I wish to dedicate this history to my son, Everett Simpson.

From Alfred Simpson:

As web designer for this site, and grandson of Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson.
I wish to thank.

Pam Crowe who sent me the manuscript on 1997-03-31.

Marlene and Fred Ash who gave me the long lost 'missing pages',
see 'Treaty #77' 'The benefit of the Indian Tribes'
'Memoirs of Reginald Drayton' and 'Custom of Holding Watch-Night' on 2012-06-06.

Dorothy Dickson who typed the manuscript on 2000-09-14.

For the photograph of Peter Jones,
I would like to thank the: Peter Jones Collection. Victoria University Library.

For the photograph of John Sunday,
I would like to thank the: Wesleyan-Methodist magazine March 1839.

Tara Prindle (http://www.nativetech.org) for invaluable advice.

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