A History of the Rice Lake Indians by Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson

Missionaries to the Indians

Grape Island


John Sunday
Wesleyan-Methodist magazine
March 1839

An island occupied by Indians, in the Bay of Quinte, in front of the Township of Sarnestown, County of Addington, Ontario. The first attempts ever made for the conversion of the Mississauga Indians on this island were in the winter of 1825-26 when the devoted William Case and Peter Jones introduced the gospel to them.. In the spring of 1826, Peter Jones and others from the Credit Mission made them another visit and explained and enforced the Gospel claims. Several were awakened, among them John Sunday, a man who proved to be of historic worth. On the 31st of May 1826, the first society of converted Indians in Canada was organized.

The Board of Home Missions of the United Church of Canada gives the following list of early missionaries to the Indians at Grape Island.

1827 Solomon Waldron, Richard Phelps
1828 William Smith
1829-30-31 Supplied from Belleville
1832 William Case
1833 Supplied from Belleville
1834 Jonathan Scott
1835 John Sunday
1836 Sylvester Hurlburt

Alderville An Indian village in the township of Alnwick, named after the Rev. Robert Alder DD., one of the Missionary Secretaries of the British Wesleyan Missionary Society.

1837 William Case, John Sunday
1838 William Case, John Sunday
1840-1846 William Case alone
1847-1848 William Case and William Ames
1849 William Case alone
1850 William Case, George McDougall
1851 William Case alone
1852-1854 Case and James Musgrove

In 1855 the Mission divided and the name changed. The portion embracing the white membership was called Alnwick Circuit, and the Indian membership and work was called Alnwick Mission.

Alnwick Mission

1855 James Musgrove, William Case
1856 Sylvester Hurlburt, John Sunday
1857-1863 Hurlburt and Sunday
1864-1866 David B. Madden, John Sunday
1867-1868 D. B. Madden alone
1869-1871 James A. Ivison

In 1871 Alnwick Circuit was again united with the Indian work, and the Mission again designated by the old name of,


1872 William Andrews, Charles W. Haskins
1873 W. Andrews and Frank Keam
1874 W. Andrews alone
1875-1880 Robert Brooking
1881 George Jacques
1882 Jos. C. Bell - Alderville attached to Fenella
1885 John Davies
1888 John Lawrence - Missionary-Teacher
1894 Philip Sparling Mr. Sparling died March 5th, 1896. He was 76.
1896 Wm. Tomblin, he was a superannuated Minister
1902-1907 No names given, simply "supply", evidently a teacher.
1908 F. J. Joblin - Teacher
1921 F. J. Dodson - Teacher
1924 the Rev G. H. Wilding
1929 Served with Roseneath, to 1942
1942 H. Lander
1950 the Rev. J. N. Lovelace

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